Your new membership channels – an update

Back in September, we launched your new SWAN branding, with the blue and green colour palette, and the strapline ‘Connecting Scotland’s Public Services’. The logo, strapline and colours were shaped by you as members, to bring a fresh new look and feel to the SWAN brand, to reflect a new era in your membership.

We’ve since launched a temporary and now full website (, where you can access information about membership, the latest news and resources, and get an initial insight into the various services available to you as members. The ambition for the website is to be easy to navigate and to add value to your membership experience. It is designed for you as members and therefore, like with the other channels we have, I’d encourage you to reach out directly (see below email address) if you have any questions or suggested additions to the site. Since the full website launched in November, there have been 2,200 visits to in the first three months.

Also in November, we launched the SWAN LinkedIn account and quarterly newsletter. On LinkedIn, the ambition is to post regular updates that are relevant to you as members. We have so far grown to 151 followers and over 5,000 views of the content posted. Following the November send of the newsletter, 71 members have signed up to receive the newsletter moving forward. The next edition will be sent out to these members – you can sign up here if you have not done so already.

The ambition with all channels is to have as much member-led content as possible. The channels are a platform for the SWAN community to share success, learn and engage. If you would be interested in supporting some new content, or promoting any of the outcomes or solutions you are delivering from SWAN services, please contact, or visit the contact section on the website, where a member of the team will reach out to you.

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