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Full membership benefits

On completion of your successful application you will have access to all the Managed Services offered through SWAN and the SWAN Membership, including potential participation in the SWAN Management Board (SMB). In addition, as a full SWAN Member you will receive;

  • A dedicated Service Desk contact number for desk to desk fault handling
  • A named Account Manager
  • A named Customer Service Manager
  • A full Contract Management function including billing contact
  • Monthly Service Review meetings
  • The ability to order Standard Catalogue Services directly online through the service portal
  • Access to design and delivery teams for assistance on more complex services

Hub membership benefits

Rather than join SWAN in its own right an organisation can choose to work with an existing SWAN member (a Hub) and receive services through that member’s Call Off Contract. The approval process needed to join a Hub should be quicker as a new Call Off Contract is not required. The organisation joining will need to agree working arrangements with the Hub Call Off Customer.

Any SWAN member with their own Call Off Contract can choose to become a Hub and work closely with other Public Sector organisations who may not have the scale or the overall requirement to be a SWAN member in their own right. However, where SWAN can offer benefits to their mutual operations Hub Members work together to take joint advantage of the service and benefits SWAN can bring.

The joining process


Outline discussion with SWAN supplier

A potential SWAN Member may want to discuss at a high level with BT their requirements and whether or not SWAN may meet these


Outline discussion with the Authority

A potential SWAN Member will have a meeting with the Authority for the Framework, NHS National Services Scotland, who will outline in more detail the process for joining and any commitments associated with joining the Framework


Detailed discussion

Following the Authority meeting, the SWAN Member should discuss detailed requirements with BT


Approval to join

The Authority will seek approval from existing SWAN Members for the new Member to join the Framework

Join over 90 organisations evolving their services with SWAN