Connecting Scotland’s Public Services

Welcome to SWAN (The Scottish Wide Area Network), a world-class network delivering the next generation of public services across the whole of Scotland. Find out how SWAN is providing innovative solutions, which are transforming communities and enabling efficiencies for its members.

The only secure network available to the entire Scottish public sector


A network that runs the national critical infrastructure, all day, every day.


Industry-leading security as standard, 24/7.


Helping you achieve operational efficiency.


Creating limitless possibilities for service delivery.


Provides managed services from local experts.


Making a difference on every street.

The widest range of services

SWAN enables members access to an unrivalled portfolio of connectivity and value add services, all provided from a highly accredited network. Members will benefit from progressive roadmaps of new products and solutions, with services continually being added.

Our vision

To enable innovative transformation of Scotland’s public sector through the delivery of secure, world class connectivity and network services to SWAN Members, every day.

Offering real choice and service excellence

Access Catalogue Services

Our Catalogue Services enable SWAN members to connect to other users and gateways with a variety of bandwidth, resilience and security options. Our SWAN Shared Services have been developed to meet the requirements of the SWAN Management Board and enable you to benefit from economies of scale as well as increasing productivity and collaboration.

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Additional Services

SWAN offers its members great opportunities to enhance and improve their citizen services, whilst also reducing costs. SWAN members not only receive core connectivity, but also have access to, and are able to make use of an evolving portfolio of Value-Added Services that can enable new ways of working. Our extensive portfolio of Voice, LAN, Wireless, Cloud and Collaboration Value-Added Services are available to all SWAN members.

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