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Connecting Scotland’s public services

Welcome to SWAN (The Scottish Wide Area Network), a world-class network delivering the next generation of public services across the whole of Scotland. Find out how SWAN is providing innovative solutions, which are transforming communities and enabling efficiencies for its members.

An innovative, high-speed network for all of Scotland


A network that runs the national critical infrastructure, all day, every day.


Industry-leading security as standard, 24/7.


Helping you achieve operational efficiency.


Creating limitless possibilities for service delivery.


Widest range of fixed and mobile connectivity – today.


Making a difference on every street.

The evolution of SWAN – further and faster

The SWAN network was launched after a Scottish Government paper in 2012 outlined its future vision for digital services in the public sector. Since then, more than 6,000 sites have been connected, including schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacists and local council offices.

Now in its second generation, SWAN will drive better network performance, faster speeds, a greater choice of services and significant savings for Scotland’s public sector.

Join over 90 organisations evolving their services with SWAN

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The widest range of services

SWAN enables members access to an unrivalled portfolio of connectivity and value add services, all provided from a highly accredited network. Members will benefit from progressive roadmaps of new products and solutions, with services continually being added.

Our vision

To enable innovative transformation of Scotland’s public sector through the delivery of secure, world class connectivity and network services to SWAN Members, every day.

Join over 90 organisations evolving their services with SWAN