Wi-Fi roaming

SWAN members can access important SSIDs like Govroam and Eduroam, at participating customers’ sites through the provided SWAN wi-fi roaming service.

Service Deliverables

BT provide SWAN Members the SWAN Wi-Fi roaming service, which allows Members to access Govroam and Eduroam SSIDs at participating Customers sites.  The SWAN Member can access the Govroam and Eduroam WLAN SSIDs at any other participating locations using credentials issued by their home organisation.

In addition, SWAN Members can utilise their own or BT provided infrastructure to enable this service.

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A network that runs the national critical infrastructure, all day, every day.


Industry-leading security as standard, 24/7.


Helping you achieve operational efficiency.rn


Creating limitless possibilities for service delivery.


Widest range of fixed and mobile connectivity – today.


Making a difference on every street.

Next steps

For more information about the SWAN Wi-Fi roaming service contact your account manager.