Managed LAN

SWAN members can choose from a range of managed LAN services on a vendor agnostic basis.

Service Deliverables

Whether you’re looking to establish a completely new LAN environment or apply the service to existing LANs, our team can manage it all for you – from integration to design, delivery, deployment and support. As a SWAN member, you’ll have your choice of managed LAN services with a wide variety of vendors. And, if required, you can also have different types of services for each site. This includes full service desk support, proactive device monitoring, inventory management and roadmapping, and more.

An innovative, high-speed network for all of Scotland


A network that runs the national critical infrastructure, all day, every day.


Industry-leading security as standard, 24/7.


Helping you achieve operational efficiency.


Creating limitless possibilities for service delivery.


Widest range of fixed and mobile connectivity – today.


Making a difference on every street.

Next steps

For more information about the SWAN Managed LAN service contact your account manager.